Double Knit Face Masks

Wearing a mask all day can be pretty uncomfortable and can inhibit some of our daily routines. I get that, which is why my double knit face coverings are designed with functionality in mind. Say goodbye to heavy breathing, face sweats and mask induced pimples! These lightweight, breathable face coverings are made of a super stretchy, double knit poly, and finished with precision cut edges, so they’re comfortable enough to wear all day. Their gorgeously vibrant prints will never fade, so you can wash them everyday without worry. Not only are they comfortable and easy to wear, they’ll also do what all good face coverings should do, which is keep you safe. Add some flair to your wardrobe with these double knit face coverings!

  • Made from our double knit, breathable poly for all day use

  • Available in 2 youth and 3 adult sizes to suit a variety of face shapes

  • Double layer of tightly knitted fabric that appears as a single layer

  • Precision cut edges to replace ties and elastics

  • Vibrant prints are completely permanent

  • For sizing, see this page.